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Fully Furnished

Tips for solving NYC’s biggest nursery design challenges

For most New Yorkers, designing a nursery is all about making a small, tight (and all too often, completely non-functional) space feel special. To that end, we’ve asked nursery design experts My Tiny Nest and Sissy + Marley how to tastefully tackle some of the toughest challenges faced when styling baby’s city digs.
Make up for crappy views with nice art. For rooms that are windowless or face a brick wall, Sissy + Marley suggests catching attention with hanging art, like the whimsical pieces by Tamar Mogendorff.
Splurge on window coverings that fit. NYC windows are notoriously ill-fitted for store-bought shades. If you aren’t the DIY type, My Tiny Nest recommends the Shade Store for affordable custom window coverings.

Add a bit of playfulness to rental or temporary walls. My Tiny Nest likes the removable wall decals from Love Mae, whose Dress Up Doll decals feature wardrobes that can be changed with each season. 
Buy multi-purpose furniture. For tight rooms, Sissy + Marley loves the two-in-one Oeuf Sparrow Crib with Changing Tray.
Make the room look bigger than it is. Sissy + Marley recommends hanging mirrors to give the illusion of a more spacious environment, or painting the walls with horizontal stripes to create more depth. 
Meet building floor-coverage requirements without spending a fortune. In lieu of wall-to-wall carpeting (and the resulting professional cleaning bills), My Tiny Nest suggests FLOR modular carpet tiles—much less expensive than traditional carpets, plus you can replace formula-stained areas one tile one at a time.

Lose the clutter. Sissy + Marley prefers a neutral palette and furniture with clean lines to keep small spaces looking fresh and uncluttered.

“In the end,” says Sissy + Marley, “be reminded that small nurseries are often the most beautiful because of the careful and thoughtful planning involved.”