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Flip For It

An allergy-sensitive waffle mix that doesn’t suck

Lots of companies make baking mixes for families with food allergies. Unfortunately, most of them cook up like a Frisbee. But one Westchester mom has figured it out: Weefulls Waffle and Mini-Crepe Mix is organic and free of nuts, dairy, eggs, and preservatives. Plus the mix includes veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and kale. But the biggest surprise of all? The waffles actually taste good. Really good. And if eggs aren’t a problem for your family, you can crack one into the mix for an even fluffier version. East Enders who shop the Hayground Farmer’s Market in Bridgehampton might have already discovered Weefulls this past summer, but now they’ve gone national—launching their Apple-Cinnamon and Banana flavors on Amazon. And yes, there’s a gluten-free version in the works.