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Find The One

If you’re looking for a nanny, the new NYC Nanny Concierge service, founded by Tammy Gold, family therapist and author of “Secrets of The Nanny Whisperer”, and Lindsay Bell, owner of NY Nanny Center, is impressively thorough. Instead of proximity or time availability, their search takes the specific job, family, and child’s developmental needs, as well the nanny’s criteria, into consideration to make a successful match. Families get a phone consult and assessment, as well as support from a therapist or coach throughout the process. The service vets potentials with background, reference, and social checks, dossiers, and video interviews, all done by their team of therapists, teachers, coaches, former nannies, and parents. Nannies get on-the-job training and a trial period (families get as many trials as they need). They even help parents extend the offer and advocate for both parties until an agreement’s made. A personalized on-boarding manual for families is included (nannies are given a manual on the family, too) and clients get free access to the affiliated Bell Family Company for temp and on-demand sitters. Application costs $200, plus a 16 percent placement fee of the nanny’s first year gross salary. In-depth searches require a $1,000 - $2,500 deposit. If you're not happy with the hire during the first month, they’ll work with you to make it right.