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Feeding Just Got Easier

A new online program from Tribeca Nutrition

The switch to solids finds a lot of us scratching our heads. Tribeca Nutrition wants to help. Founder Natalia Stasenko, a pediatric dietitian and consulting dietitian for Head Start, has developed a new online program called Feeding Bytes: Starting Solids. Participants can log onto the course site (as many times as needed) to access fifteen-minute, pre-recorded lessons including a mini-presentation or video, case study, and downloadable handouts. The lessons cover important nutrients in first foods, how to add extra nutrition to baby food, and how to adapt family meals to meet baby’s needs. Handouts range from recipes for purees and more advanced textures to safe finger foods. There’s also a live discussion board for chats guided by Stasenko, as well as Q&A’s about the course work, and unlimited personal feeding and nutrition queries (which Stasenko will answer). The program starts October 7 and runs thru October 21. It costs $149. Spots are limited to 50. Register at tribecanutrition.com.
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