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Even Better Than Free Shipping

The Honest Company lands at J&R Jr.

We would never (ever) diss online shopping. But sometimes you just need stuff now. So we were happily surprised (totally psyched, actually) to discover that J&R Jr. quietly started stocking Honest Company products in their Lower Manhattan store a few months ago. As most of you know, Jessica Alba’s line of wonderfully safe-yet-stylish baby essentials is damn near perfect. And now, the Honest Shampoo & Body Wash ($9.95), biodegradable natural cloth Wipes ($4.95), and an assortment of the brand’s ridiculously cute plant-based diapers for girls and boys ($13.95, sizes N-3) are all up for instant-gratification grabs. Thus far, J&R Jr. is the only store in the City to carry the brand, but we hear the folks at Honest are chatting with other retail outlets around town. Fingers crossed.

The Honest Company at J&R Jr.
1 Ann St., at Broadway; Lower Manhattan
212.238.9060; jr.com