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DIY Infant Massage

How to learn infant massage right in your own nursery

Rubbing lotion on your baby after a bath sure is nice. But it’s not infant massage. Done the proper way, infant massage offers myriad physical, emotional, and developmental benefits, from stimulating muscles to calming gas and fussiness. You can sign up for group classes from places like Wee Massage, but we like the idea of learning the art at home.
Karen Singer (LMSW, CEIM) of Infant Massage NYC will teach you how to distinguish between wanted and unwanted touch (when baby isn’t in the mood ) over the course of five sessions. Each session focuses on a different part of baby’s body, with the final session focusing on baby yoga. $350; 347.674.6004.
Janet V. Markovits (LMT) of Maternal Massage and More offers one-hour lessons in your home, where she reviews ideal atmosphere, strokes, pressure, and reflexology points. She’ll also impart the magic touch for easing discomfort from colic, gas, and teething. $150 per session; 212.533.3188.
Brooklyn’s Element Natural Healing Arts hosts well-respected baby massage workshops, and though it isn’t on their menu of services, we hear that they’re happy to arrange an at-home session or two, upon request; 718.855.4850.