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Digital Bragbooking, Simplified

The newest high-tech way to share proud moments

Show us a mom and we'll show you someone who likes to flaunt baby pictures. Most of us do it online nowadays, which is why we perked up when we heard about Blinkbuggy. Developed by a Product Specialist at Google (and NYC mom), the new website is basically a digital bragbook that's shareable but secure—allowing parents to document milestones, tell stories, and share photos all in one well-organized place. It's brilliant. And here's why: as with traditional pen-and-paper baby books, you can lay out and record the big moments (bringing home baby, first words, family vacations, funny things they say)—all in reverse chronological order, so the most recent info is displayed first. You can also import and centralize photos from Google+, Facebook, and Instagram. And yes, you can invite friends and family to view the book and even contribute their own stories and pictures; privacy controls allow you to choose what others can or cannot see. We told you it was brilliant.