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Daddy Time

Big Daddy’s Diner hits the Upper West Side

Lunch time is about to get way more fun for Upper West Side moms. Big Daddy’s Diner is just weeks away from opening its kid-loving doors on the corner of Broadway and 91st Street. Expect the same amenities that have made its UES location such a draw for moms with babies and toddlers: designated stroller parking, balloons, bendy straws, crayons and coloring mats—plus TVs broadcasting kids’ shows. Cupcake decorating, make-your-own-cookie-pizzas and Kids’ Trivia Night will round out the offerings.

It ain’t the cheapest diner in down, but we’ll gladly pay a premium for a waitstaff that’s totally cool with tantrums and spills.

Big Daddy’s Diner
2454 Broadway