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Cool Mom Q&A: Susan Lazar

Egg Baby designer, and first-time-mom-to-be

Most expecting moms in NYC have something from the Egg by Susan Lazar line on their registry—often it’s the cashmere layette with matching hat. (So freaking cute.) At 43, the label’s talented designer is expecting her first child. We sat down with Susan to talk about getting ready for motherhood, and what’s next for Egg.
Q. What inspired you to create the very first Egg collection, back in 2003?
A. It was an emotional decision. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, I wanted to create a line with a soul and purpose. What’s more important than family? Egg is about nurturing and love. Like an egg, it’s what is on the inside that counts—each child with its own unique potential.
Q. Nice. You didn’t have any kids at the time, so how did you know where to start, what moms needed?
A. I started with blankets! That is similar to how I started my first fashion label, Susan Lazar, too—with scarves and accessories . . . no fit issues. I got so many orders on the blankets and basic onesies, and soon more requests for me to make kids’ clothes. So the line grew.
Q. You are having your first baby. Congratulations! How are you feeling? How has your pregnancy been?
A. The first two months were fine. I was in Israel. But then I came back to New York and I had to design Fall 2012 as soon as I landed. I didn’t feel too good at that point. It’s funny because when you are in that early stage and feeling your worst, you can’t tell anyone. So no one stands for you on the subway. Now I’m in the golden period—12 weeks to go. I’ve got to get it all done now that I’m feeling energized . . . get the crib, get my work done, and relax a little.
Q. Yes, relax. Speaking of relaxing, have you been living in Egg’s maternity yoga pants and tees? They look so comfy.
A. Maternity is a really small line for Egg, but I do wear it often. It’s mostly stretch fabrics that feel great against the skin and grow with you throughout the pregnancy. I’ve also been loving Helmut Lang since Theory took it over. I think it’s brilliant. It is great for pregnancy. It is really well priced now, it looks cool, and you can wear it afterwards, too.
Q. Twelve weeks left, huh? What have you done to prepare?
A. I have lots of Egg clothing picked out and an Egg organic bedding set ready. I’m putting them in a box in my office for now. I’m superstitious so I’m not bringing anything home just yet. A friend signed me up for the diapers.com registry—all the diapers, creams, bottle racks. The week before I deliver, I just press the button and it arrives on my doorstep the next day. My neighbor is an illustrator, Izak Zenou, who will do a mural. The baby’s daddy is also an artist and will create a beautiful painting for the baby’s room.
Q. The baby’s daddy? Who’s the lucky guy?
A. He was a friend of a friend. I was out dating a lot, looking for Mr. Right, and really all I could think about was having a kid. That kind of gets in the way of things, because you are not really yourself  . . . because you have this pressure. I hosted a class in my house and everyone invited friends. That’s where we met. We started talking. He was cute, smart, and an artist. I later found out he really wanted to have a kid, too—so we called each other. So many funny things happened. Now we are looking forward to being parents together.
Q. What worries you, if anything?
A. Being a single mom, I guess. Will I be able to balance everything? I’m sure I will, but it is going to be challenging. And, I’m worried about my sleep. I really love my sleep.
Q. Oh, yes. Sleep. Sigh. Well, what excites you the most about raising a child in New York?
A. I am not sure I’m going to. I love New York City. There is so much here, so many schools, so exciting . . .  but eventually I might move to Israel. Or uh, maybe Brooklyn.
Q. Are you planning a baby shower?
A. No, in the Jewish tradition it’s bad luck.
Q. Right. You mentioned superstition. Well, have you thought about what stroller you’d like? What crib?
A. A friend gave me a Bugaboo, and I have a Bugaboo Bee and a Maclaren. It’s like a child having three cars! I really like David Netto’s collection and the ducduc crib—both are sturdy and beautiful. Plus this Italian bassinet Offi Nest, that looks almost like canvas on a steel base.
Q. How about your diaper bag?
A. I just did really beautiful diaper bags and saved one for myself. It’s a shoulder bag, but it looks like Helmut Lang. Why should moms walk around with laminated lunch bags? It looks bad.
Q. Yeah, it shouldn’t be so difficult to find a great-looking functional bag. Did you talk to a lot of moms about what would make a perfect diaper bag?
A. I went to a lot of stores. I looked at all the zippers and special compartments. I was also working with Barneys and did one for them, so the buyer told us exactly what they wanted. They had very specific things they needed—like an inside pocket for a phone, and clips for keys. They needed the inside to be plastic, to wipe down. I’m like, plastic? There were very specific needs.
Q. So what’s next for Egg?
A. It’s really positioned to be a lifestyle brand. We are expanding our layette and baby line as well as toddler clothes, and have moved into organic crib bedding. One day I’d like to do furniture, strollers, and maybe open some retail stores. We also want to build up our internet business because baby clothes are easy to buy online.
Q. It all sounds very exciting. What about the celeb babies? Any you’d love to see wearing Egg?
A. We just sent something to Ivanka Trump and I heard Kate Middleton is pregnant. Maybe Jennifer Aniston. I personally dressed her in Susan Lazar when I had my women’s wear company. She’s beautiful and will make a great mom.

Egg by Susan Lazar
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