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Cool Mom Q+A: Ellen Diamant

Skip Hop founder and NYC mom

As New York City moms, most of us have bought something from Skip Hop—whether it’s a super-functional changing pad, a drying rack that doesn’t hog up all the counter space, or a tasteful play mat. Founder Ellen Diamant, who started Skip Hop with her husband in their New York apartment, understands the plight of city parents, and creates products with us in mind.

Q. How do you come up with ideas for Skip Hop?
A. In the beginning, most of our product concepts came from my own needs as a new mom. As Skip Hop has grown as a company, we have formalized the product development process with things like focus groups and market research, but sometimes products are still born out of “Ah-ha!” moments.

Q. Are most of your products created with New York moms in mind?
A. There are two things that separate New York parents from other parents: how we get around with our little ones and the small places we live in. Here, our strollers are our cars and our apartments are space-deprived. City living has inspired us to create amazing on-the-go products, such as Pronto changing station, and space-saving solution products like Splash bottle drying rack.

Q. So what’s the upside of raising kids in the City?
A. The best thing about parenting in New York is the fact that it’s so easy to get around. A new mom will never be bored. There are tons of parks, mom groups, and lots and lots of baby, toddler and kid events—many of which are free. So many families are staying in the City these days; New York is becoming a real family town.

Q. Alright, so tell us: when you’re not inventing brilliant products, where do you like to go with your son?
A. Places that revolve around eating: Union Square, Chelsea Market and the new “Pop Bar,” where you can dip gelato on a stick into lots of yummy toppings. We also love to go to art museums and the New Victory Theatre. And we love the new Lego store in Rockefeller Center.

Q. Any great parenting resources you can suggest for new moms in the City?
A. Definitely check out Big City Moms and Divalysscious Moms. These New York City mom groups have so much to offer for expectant and new moms. I’ve also heard that baby planner Jamie Grayson, better known as “The Baby Guy,” is a lifesaver for moms-to-be and helps them decide what kind of gear to buy.

Q. Jamie is actually the gear expert here at StrollerTraffic. Yes, he’s the best. Speaking of gear . . . we love your new bath toys and are excited about this week’s arrival of the Treetop Friends toy collection. What else is on tap for Skip Hop?
A. Over the next couple of months, you’ll see lots of amazing additions to the Skip Hop line including Zoo Tabletop and bookends; the luxurious Flower Burst nursery bedding; a new ultimate diaper bag called Bento and much, much more!