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Childcare, STAT

Hello Sitter, created by Manhattan mom Lauren Mansell, is the latest childcare-booking app to land in the city. And, it allows you to connect with sitters tailored to specific criteria beyond date and time. Share details about food preferences, allergies, sleeping and bathing routines, and any special needs—plus, your top five criteria in a sitter. You get a choice of three available candidates that fit the bill within minutes, and sitters can be booked in just one hour’s notice. Everyone in the database is interviewed and background, reference, and social media-checked by the Hello Sitter team. Right now, it’s offered to Manhattan families up to 114th Street on the UWS and 97th Street on the UES, and much of Brooklyn, too. It costs $21 per hour for one child, $23 for two, and $26 for three to four (max). Payment is done through the app, and you’re only charged for the time you used—no sneaky additional fees for booking or membership.