Yoga parties are the new puppet show

Toddler yoga has just about hit the mainstream—in New York, anyway. So it makes sense that yoga-themed birthday parties have emerged as the new “it” celebration for 2012.

New York-centric gift ideas for babies

Considering we live in one of the most stylish cities in the world, it’s surprisingly difficult to find NYC-themed baby gifts that aren’t cheesy. But we’ve bookmarked five cool presents that give a Big Appl…

Popbar’s new birthday party offering

Gelato on a stick. Wish we’d thought of that one. Popbar has created quite a stir since it opened last year. And now, the brilliant little treat shop is catering to the birthday party crowd with its cool ne…

Melissa & Doug’s new holiday pop-up shop

The holidays have come a little early for Melissa & Doug fans. Last week, a pop-up shop opened inside Jam Paper’s UES store . . . .

Ladurée opens in NYC

New Yorkers tend to love the French or hate the French. But one thing on which most of us can agree: macarons are yummy. Like really yummy. So we’re psyched about the UES opening of Ladurée . . .

A new service for moms who like stuff.

We recently caught wind of a new free-sample service for moms. Well, “free” isn’t entirely accurate—you have to pay $10 a month for Bluum‘s subscription-based product sampling service . . . .

A new catering service for birthday parties

Pizza is a birthday party staple for a reason: it’s a crowd pleaser, not to mention affordable and easy to serve. But one New York mom is betting there’s a market for healthier offerings. Cara Buffalino-Sil…

The queen of cupcakes takes Manhattan

Cupcake snobs across Manhattan are about to do one helluva celebration dance: Sprinkles Cupcakes is finally coming to New York.

100 reasons to raise kids in NYC

In honor of the 100th issue of StrollerTraffic’s NYC edition (today!), here are the top 100 reasons we love raising kids in the City.

A (very) cool idea for birthday parties

A brand new photography studio opened earlier this month on the Upper West Side, and we love their novel idea for kids’ birthdays: photo shoot parties.

A new baby planning service for moms (with really good taste)

We’ve said it before: expecting moms with questions about baby gear should book some time with Jamie Grayson: no one knows strollers and car seats like The Baby Guy. But for everything else (and there sure …

New birthday party venues for kids

New York has no shortage of cool birthday party spots. But for those of you looking for something that isn’t Old Hat on your playgroup circuit, we discovered five new options for the 3-and-under crowd.

Cool hostess gifts for Thanksgiving

We all have lots to be thankful for—not the least of which is the person hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Show your gratitude with something a little more original than that re-gifted bottle of wine.

How to throw a spook-free party for tots

There’s no reason to host a Halloween party. But then again, there’s no reason not to. That’s what we thought, at least, when we heard about the new Halloween packages from Erin Shaw.

Nut-free bakeries in the city

Bringing cupcakes to your kid’s first nursery school birthday party is a rite of passage. But unless you plan to bake them yourself, chances are your school will ask you to buy them from a “no nut” facility…