Clafoutis caters to moms in birthday mode

In a perfect world, moms wouldn’t judge other moms on their kids’ birthday parties. But since that day will likely never come, we’re excited about a new resource that will appeal to outsourcers, DIYers, ove…

The Land of Nod is heading to SoHo

Starting November 2nd, The Land of Nod is briefly taking over the storefront at 136 Prince Street, to stage a holiday toy shop—the retailer’s first-ever New York presence.

Hiho Batik opens in Park Slope

Brooklyn snubbers may finally have to cross the bridge for this one: Hiho Batik has hung a shingle in Park Slope.

A new babysitting service for private events

It’s not easy to host a rockin’ adult party with kids underfoot. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. To help the cause, babysitting service Lucky Lil’ Darlings has introduced an interesting (if pricey…

Three new pros hit the NYC birthday scene

Considering the never-ending quest for original birthday ideas in this town, we’re delighted to spill the beans about three newish vendors serving the pint-size party scene.

Unexpected spots to throw a toddler birthday bash

New York has no shortage of birthday party venues. But some of the best are way overplayed. So we asked a few experts in the kid-party biz to tell us about their favorite under-the-radar spots to host a bir…

Yoga parties are the new puppet show

Toddler yoga has just about hit the mainstream—in New York, anyway. So it makes sense that yoga-themed birthday parties have emerged as the new “it” celebration for 2012.

New York-centric gift ideas for babies

Considering we live in one of the most stylish cities in the world, it’s surprisingly difficult to find NYC-themed baby gifts that aren’t cheesy. But we’ve bookmarked five cool presents that give a Big Appl…

Popbar’s new birthday party offering

Gelato on a stick. Wish we’d thought of that one. Popbar has created quite a stir since it opened last year. And now, the brilliant little treat shop is catering to the birthday party crowd with its cool ne…

Melissa & Doug’s new holiday pop-up shop

The holidays have come a little early for Melissa & Doug fans. Last week, a pop-up shop opened inside Jam Paper’s UES store . . . .

Ladurée opens in NYC

New Yorkers tend to love the French or hate the French. But one thing on which most of us can agree: macarons are yummy. Like really yummy. So we’re psyched about the UES opening of Ladurée . . .

A new service for moms who like stuff.

We recently caught wind of a new free-sample service for moms. Well, “free” isn’t entirely accurate—you have to pay $10 a month for Bluum‘s subscription-based product sampling service . . . .

A new catering service for birthday parties

Pizza is a birthday party staple for a reason: it’s a crowd pleaser, not to mention affordable and easy to serve. But one New York mom is betting there’s a market for healthier offerings. Cara Buffalino-Sil…

The queen of cupcakes takes Manhattan

Cupcake snobs across Manhattan are about to do one helluva celebration dance: Sprinkles Cupcakes is finally coming to New York.

100 reasons to raise kids in NYC

In honor of the 100th issue of StrollerTraffic’s NYC edition (today!), here are the top 100 reasons we love raising kids in the City.