Tribeca Nutrition gives moms mealtime support

Getting a baby to take a full milk feeding is only the beginning of the mealtime challenges. Things get way more tricky when veggies and proteins become daily requirements. For help navigating the challenge…

Hiho Batik opens in Park Slope

Brooklyn snubbers may finally have to cross the bridge for this one: Hiho Batik has hung a shingle in Park Slope.

Whole Foods hosts a free seminar by nutritional experts

. . . .It’s become nearly impossible to navigate the supermarket with confidence. Welcome Apple to Zucchini, a healthy eating resource founded by Vicky Feltman (a pediatric nutritionist and former food edit…

A new babysitting service for private events

It’s not easy to host a rockin’ adult party with kids underfoot. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. To help the cause, babysitting service Lucky Lil’ Darlings has introduced an interesting (if pricey…

Three new pros hit the NYC birthday scene

Considering the never-ending quest for original birthday ideas in this town, we’re delighted to spill the beans about three newish vendors serving the pint-size party scene.

New York Kids Club introduces Spanish for toddlers

The foreign language offerings for babies are oddly lacking in this town, considering the ethnic diversity. So we consider it fairly big news that New York Kids Club has added Cuentos Musica y Arte to its f…

Commitment-free, end-of-summer activities for tots

It’s remarkable how, um, long the weeks between camp and fall sessions can seem. To help fill the void, we’ve rounded up a few places that are currently letting kids drop in on a whim.

A fab new book series for toddlers

Created by two Brooklyn moms—a reading specialist and an art curator—Home Grown Books is a new toddler series with a refreshingly sophisticated yet age-appropriate approach to early reading.

A cool finale for your favorite clothes

Handmade baby clothes are special in their own right. But newcomer Kindred adds a clever new twist: they repurpose your favorite wardrobe pieces into chic, European-styled baby clothes.

Unexpected spots to throw a toddler birthday bash

New York has no shortage of birthday party venues. But some of the best are way overplayed. So we asked a few experts in the kid-party biz to tell us about their favorite under-the-radar spots to host a bir…

Stinky McGee modernizes neckwear for babies

Stinky McGee is all about baby bow ties and toddler neckties made from locally sourced fabrics in vintage and modern prints—with thoughtful details like adjustable sliders and soft plastic clasps.

Rookie USA opens on the UWS 

Watch out, Modell’s. Rookie USA is after the sports-loving kid market. Opening in early August on the UWS, the footwear and apparel concept store will stock cool kicks, athletic wear, and street clothes for…

WiFi hits NYC parks

Okay, WAHMs, let’s do a group happy dance: a new five-year initiative between the City and AT&T is bringing WiFi access to lots of outdoor spaces around town.

Olivia and Owen classes up the PJs scene

Infant sleepwear tends to be so angelic. But once babies hit the toddler mark, most pajama brands start serving up crazy bold prints and cheesy characters. That’s why we find Olivia and Owen totally refresh…