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Burn Rate

A new way to tone post-baby abs

Amanda Freeman has brought LA’s hottest fitness trend to New York. The Vital Juice co-founder says SLT (for Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone) is a low-impact, high-resistance workout done on a machine called a Megaformer, which is basically a Pilates reformer on steroids. “I always felt like I had to go for a run after a Pilates session,” says Freeman. She flipped the first time she tried the workout in Los Angeles, where it’s known as SPX Fitness. Founder Sebastien Legree has granted Freeman exclusive rights to the equipment in Manhattan, where she’s planning to open half-a-dozen locations or so—and perhaps a few more in the burbs and Hamptons. The first studio, called SLT New York, opened just a few weeks ago on 57th Street, and we’re already hearing body transformation stories. You can try a class for $20. After that, it’s $40 a class, though packages are available (5 for $38; 10 for $36; 20 for $34; or 40 for $32).

SLT New York
37 W. 57th St., between Fifth and Sixth Aves.

212.355.1737; sltnyc.com