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Be Smarter About Grocery Shopping

Whole Foods hosts a free seminar by nutritional experts

Remember when it felt like achieving Super Mom status if you fed your kid whole wheat bread or brown rice? Then came the gluten studies and the arsenic warnings. Sigh. It’s become nearly impossible to navigate the supermarket with confidence. Welcome Apple to Zucchini, a healthy eating resource founded by Vicky Feltman (a pediatric nutritionist and former food editor at O, The Oprah Magazine) and food writer Natalya Murakhver.

We recently caught wind of their free seminars, and are looking forward to the next one, scheduled for October 10th at 7pm, at Whole Foods’ UWS location (808 Columbus Ave.). The 45-minute discussion will cover food shopping from soup to nuts: demystifying labels like “cage-free,” “hormone-free” and “all-natural;” the 411 on high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, and artificial growth hormones; tips for meat, poultry, and dairy shopping; when and where it pays to buy organic; and the seven no-no ingredients. They’ll also dig into the controversial Stanford Organic Food Study, discussing its conclusions on the nutritional value and health benefits of organically grown food, and speculative ties to the agribusiness industry. Space is limited to about 50; sign up at info@appletozucchini.com to secure your spot, which comes with a goody bag full of coupons and samples, courtesy of Whole Foods.