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A New Way To Get Around Town

Looks like Uber has a little competition

It's that time of year again, when an available taxi becomes like the Holy freaking Grail. Uber has already saved us a time or two, and now we're psyched to see another car-for-hire app on the scene: Whisk. The concept is the same (pay a premium for the convenience of hiring a town car from your phone—in minutes), but Whisk has features that let you find and request cars, see a photo of the car prior to its arrival, track drivers, view the real-time fare in the car, and select the tip amount at the end of the ride. They’ve got regular sedans (Lincolns and Toyotas) and fancier ones (Mercedes), as well as SUVs. Pricing is typically 15 percent more than a yellow cab. Base rates start at $8. Cars will travel to all five boroughs and some have car seats—but you have to request one 24 hours in advance.