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A New Resource For First-Time Moms

Kidville launches Mommies: 101

Some aspects of mothering an infant are completely instinctual. Others, not so much. That’s why we like the idea of Kidville’s new Mommies: 101 program, an 8-week class for rookie moms with babies ages newborn to six months. Featuring experts from Parenthood Psychology, the program includes six 45-minute support group-style sessions that address topics such as baby milestones, relationship dynamics, managing expectations, mother’s guilt, going back to work, and hiring help. The remaining two sessions are trials of Kidville’s Wee Wiggle Giggle and Rockin’ Railroad classes. Kidville Mommies: 101 kicks off next week on the UES (Thursdays at 2pm) and UWS (Wednesdays at 1:15pm); the 8-week sessions costs $365, and is limited to 10 moms per class.