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A Little Help For Moms Who Cook

Blue Apron launches in New York

One blessing of raising kids in New York is the not-too-shabby list of services aimed at making family cooking easier on busy moms. The latest is Blue Apron, a convenient solution for those who loathe meal planning and grocery shopping but still want to cook. Unlike its pre-made meal service predecessors, Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients like Pat LaFrieda meats, fish caught by day boat fishermen, and produce from local suppliers to your doorstep (or doorman). The weekly deliveries come with recipe cards for three tasty, balanced meals. Expect easy-to-cook yet impressive dishes like Seared Tuna with Black Tuscan Kale SaladBeef Pad See Ew with Birdseye Chilis, and Lamb Kofte Kebabs, Sautéed Chickpeas and Cucumber Yogurt Sauce. Yum.
Households can subscribe for two, four or six people per week (a five-meal-per-week plan is in the works). Subscriptions are $9.99 per person, per meal—about $120 a week for a family of four.