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A Handy App For NYC Moms

Mommy Nearest locates anything you might need

It's generally not too difficult to find a baby-friendly lunch spot or clean changing table in the City. Still, we appreciate the convenience-minded inspiration behind Mommy Nearest, a new directory-type app for NYC moms with babies. Simply type in your zip code, and you'll get a geo-targeted list of dining, recreational, hygiene, health, and shopping options for the under-3 set. Highlights include stroller-friendly restaurants, gluten-free menus, public-access changing tables, hair salons with toddler chairs, jungle gyms, pharmacies, and ERs. Listings are rated by other users as well as the Mommy Nearest staff (also moms). The app is free and will soon be available on iTunes and Google play; for now you can download it at mommynearest.com.