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A Better Way To Carry A Pump

Introducing the Nurse Purse

Nursing moms who pump on the go will appreciate the Nurse Purse, a new breast pump bag created by local mom Adrienne Frohlich. Unlike the traditional nylon black bags, the Nurse Purse is designed in cotton canvas with a toxin-free, water-resistant coating—available in four cute prints. The bag’s interior is adjustable to fit nearly all models of breast pumps, and it’s roomy enough to hold plugs, tubes, shields, and a standard-sized bottle cooler. There’s also a designated space for laptops, tablets, or file folders (awesome for working moms), a zippered pocket for valuables, and two exterior pockets for bottles or a commuter mug. The inside of the bag is also removable so you can use it as a diaper bag or regular tote when the pump’s not needed. The Nurse Purse costs $129 and will be available on the site for pre-order (with free shipping) around October 17; we also hear the Upper Breast Side will have it in stock soon.