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A Better Look For Nursing

Au Lait offers gorgeous clothing for breastfeeding moms

Nursing has many benefits, but looking and feeling cute in your clothes isn’t usually one of them. To try and change that, New York mom Emily Hsu has introduced Au Lait, a fab collection for breastfeeders. Pieces within the line are meant to mix easily with your regular wardrobe, and feature convenient design details like strategic nursing vents so you don’t have to pull your top down (or off) to feed your baby. We love the Pullover Cardigan with its faux front panel that snaps on and off for easy washing ($218); the flowy Tank that has moving panels to accommodate your fluctuating breast size ($148); and the Tee Dress, outfitted with discreet nursing panels and body-forgiving stretchy rayon and spandex fabric ($188). There’s also the Seamless Lounge Nursing Bra, which has removable cups and a pocket for nursing pads, but is also comfy enough to sleep in ($30). All fabric options are machine washable, can withstand breast milk stains, and feel soft against baby’s skin.