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Your Laundry, Done

A new app for professionally cleaned clothes

It's hard to say which is more loathsome: doing laundry or driving back and forth to the dry cleaners. Well, there's a new way to avoid both. Washio is a handy scheduling app for laundry and dry cleaning services. Here's how it works: create an account; choose your pick-up time; and a “ninja” (a.k.a delivery person) will swing by your home to pick up the dirty togs. Clean clothes are returned within 24 hours, at the drop-off time you set. Washio operates in green, percolate-free facilities across the city, and the app facilitates special instructions like, “only use allergen-free detergent.” Bonus: ninjas always arrive bearing treats (red velvet brownies, chocolate cookies) in exchange for your laundry. Prices start at $1.60 per pound for wash and fold. A full list of dry cleaning prices can be found here.