Way Better Than Takeout

Pop-Up Pantry delivers gourmet meals

Fine dining becomes something of a Holy Grail once there’s a baby at home. To support the quest, Pop-Up Pantry delivers three-course dinners directly to your home. Dishes like Hoisin ginger braised shortribs or pistachio pound cake from top chefs like David Yeo (who’s worked with Joël Robuchon and Alain Ducasse) are fully prepared, then flash-frozen and shipped in BPA-free, food-safe bags. Ingredients are sealed separately, so you’ll be adding the fig-and-currant compote to that aforementioned pound cake yourself. But we figure some assembly is a small price to pay for eating hormone-free, locally sourced (where possible) scrumptiousness—in the comfort of your yoga pants and without shelling out for a sitter. And considering the meals start at $32 pour deux, it might be a while before you bust out those takeout menus again.