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Variety Pack

FITiST launches in LA

When we first heard that a New York-based “fitness concierge service” was opening in LA, we thought, “Seriously? Is that necessary?” But now that we’ve heard a little more about FITiST, we’re kinda digging the idea. Here’s how it works: FITiST aggregates many of LA’s most popular studios and gyms, like Pure Barre, Up Dog Yoga, Circuit Works, and Sweat Garage—so you can vary your fitness routine within one central booking system. They also offer a few pre-set options like the “New Mom” package, which targets post-baby problem areas through a mix of fourteen different cycle, yoga, and Pilates classes ($275/month). Members can easily manage their class schedules online. The only catch is you have to be invited to become a member, but we’ve cleared that hurdle for you: just click here.