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Truth Be Told

A new diaper delivery service that rocks

It’s not often that something truly revolutionary happens in the world of diapers. So we’re pretty floored about this week’s launch of the Honest Company, a line of baby essentials combining the eco-consciousness of Christopher Gavigan (former CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World) and the enviable fashion sense and integrity of actress and child advocate Jessica Alba.

Based in Santa Monica and founded by Gavigan and Alba, the Honest Company offers an automatic delivery service of its incredibly pure baby products, which include organic bath and skin care products, all-natural home cleaners, and plant-based biodegradable diapers that are cottony soft and printed with super-cute patterns. Plus all Honest Company products are made locally, and a portion of every dollar you spend is donated to Baby2Baby, which supplies essential baby gear to LA families in need.

So how does the delivery part work? You pay a monthly subscription fee for regular delivery of diapers ($79.95 a month, including wipes) or essentials ($35.95 a month for a customized bundle of any five of their fourteen products). And if you seem to be running low—or overstocked—you can easily “dial up” or “dial back” your delivery to accommodate your family’s needs.