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The Coolest New-Baby Card You Can Give

Year You Were Born Cards on Etsy

The best keepsakes always seem to turn up on Etsy. Our latest discovery is Double Bravo Designs Year You Were Born cards. The  5x7” letterpress cards are kinda like a baby journal at-a-glance, with fill-in-the-blank fun facts that are LA specific, such as “secret alternate route for escaping the 405,” “celebrity ‘It’ baby of the year” and “winner of Academy Award for Best Picture.” The new 2012 version will be available at the end of this month, with the “No. of Medals won by Team USA in the London Olympics,” as well as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. Additional cities in the series include Portland, Houston, NYC, Chicago, and London.; $6.25 at etsy.com.