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The Butterflies Are Back

Spring openings at the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has been hosting its seasonal butterfly pavilion for more than a dozen years, but we never get tired of those exquisite creatures. This year's exhibit, which opened over the weekend, is heavy on California natives, including the California dogface (our state butterfly) and painted lady, as well as the indigenous plants they eat, such as arroyo willow and desert false indigo. Most of the butterflies will be contained in the tented pavilion, but a few species, such as the fiery skipper and gray hairstreak, will be fluttering throughout the museum's new Nature Gardens, slated to open June 9th: expect three-and-a-half acres of green space that will wrap around the Museum's north and east sides, offering a fresh new venue for nature walks, bird watching, and interactive gardening classes.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Blvd., near downtown
213.763.3466; nhm.org.
Tickets are $15 for adults and $6 for kids ages 3-12 years; free admission for children under 3.