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Special Delivery

The easiest way to get fresh ingredients for DIY baby food

Sadly, the baby food delivery business in LA seems to have fallen by the wayside. Baby’s Belly and Bohemian Baby are gone, among others. So if you want fresh, organic baby purees, it seems you’ll have to make them yourself.

To that end, we like the grassroots-y idea of Community Supported Agriculture, where organic produce is delivered to your home directly from a farm or farms for a subscription fee. We’ve heard great things about Capay-based Farm Fresh To You, which delivers 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables, along with farm news (how cute) and recipes to accompany seasonal ingredients, like pumpkin or turnips (boxes start at $25). There’s also Hello Harvest, a similar concept offering artisanal breads and cage-free eggs as add-ons (small bin starts at $35). For the hardcore DIYers out there, Dirty Girl Organic Land Care will build you a custom organic garden to grow baby-friendly produce like squash, peas, carrots and pears, in your own backyard. They’ll even maintain it on a weekly basis—with organic fertilizer and insecticides—for $50 an hour, plus materials.