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Sometimes A Know-It-All Is A Good Thing.

A handy resource for new moms

Google is great for a lot of things. But as a resource for pediatricians and toddler classes? Not so much. For something more trustworthy, resident mom and SoCalMoms founder Tracy Fredkin is launching CITYMOMS. Kind of like a specialized Yelp, the app will provide helpful info on the best hyper-local resources for moms with kids ages 0 to 7; it’s searchable and sortable by zip code, region, your child’s age, and categories like Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources, New Parent Education & Support, Professionals, Places to Visit with Kids, Kids Programs & Classes, Mommy & Me Experiences, Health & Wellness, and Birthday Parties.

The info is gathered by CITYMOMS’ own team, along with community-generated suggestions from parents and businesses—and listings are voted on. There will also be relevant content (top 5 lists, round-ups) vetted by staffers and influential moms around town. And yes, itt’s free.

The CITYMOMS app is launching mid-summer but you can sign up now for a private download invite.