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Short Story

Beach gear that makes us flip

Let’s pretend not to notice the days are getting shorter and instead talk about the freaking awesome boys’ Terry Striped Shorts we discovered this week at Pebbles. Designed by owner and founder Ann Lombardo, the drawstring shorts ($36 in-store; $44 online) come in three colors and remind us that the best of summer—beach days in August—is still ahead of us. The vertical stripes are super stylish on their own, or paired with any of Pebbles’ novelty silk-screened tees ($28-34). And while we’re talking about things at Pebbles that make us swoon, check out the girls’ Terry Pom Pom Hoodie ($56). Too darn cute. Here’s to at least five more weeks of stylin’ at the beach.

2400 Main St., 2A; Santa Monica
310.314.6472; pebblesclothing.com