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Self-Help Books For Toddlers

Twigtale's new books offer support through transitions

Change can be tough on toddlers. Like really tough. Graduating to a big-kid bed, eliminating the pacifier, potty training. Twigtale wants to help with all of it. Founded by LA parents Carrie Southworth and Nishad Chande, the site specializes in personalized self-help books for kids—and they've just introduced a slew of new stories dealing specifically with transitions. We’re planning to grab a copy of the Going To School book, which helps little ones understand what to expect in a nursery school classroom. Going to Sleep and Soon-to-Be New Sibling are also new. To order a book for your kid, just select a story, edit the text to include your child’s name, insert photos of your child into the template, and you’re done. The $20 paperback books are written by educators, consultants, and doctors, and ship (for $5) within seven to ten business days.