Whoa. Easiest Way Ever To Dress Your Kids.
We'll keep this explanation as simple as Primary.com's concept. The just-launched childrens' apparel line includes 30 basic styles for babies through kids size 10, in a range of solid shades. And nothing's over $25—music to mom's ears.
Based in the Netherlands, MUV strollers make their stateside debut with the 3-wheeled GAAN ($689.99) and 4-wheeled REIS ($699.99). Bonus points for a thermal compartment for snacks and bottles and a canopy with 6 magnetic windows. Smart ride. Available at nor…
A cracked screen is an unfortunate badge of parenthood. A new service, CellSavers, sends a repair technician to your home or office to fix shattered phones (or tablets). The service usually takes 30 minutes; pricing varies.
It's More Private This Way.
WiFi-enabled monitors are becoming the standard, but there’s something a little unnerving about your baby’s actions existing on a shared cloud. ComfortCam records to the camera itself, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. $149, at comfortcam.com.