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Raise A Healthy Eater

Little Foodie Club baby food delivery aims to help parents avoid raising picky eaters. Founded by food writer and local mom Kerstin Kuhn, the concept was born out of Kuhn’s desire to pass her own love of food onto her daughter, and her discovery of palate-training—the belief that a baby’s first experiences of solids shape her future eating preferences. All of Little Foodie Club’s purees are handmade from fresh, organic ingredients mixed with complementary herbs, mild spices, and bone broths. The purees are flash frozen immediately after cooking to preserve taste and freshness, and to enable subscribers to feed their babies when it’s most convenient. Little Foodie Club’s purees read like a menu from a fancy restaurant—baby Bolognese with organic beef and slow-cooked vegetables, cauliflower, and pear with tarragon—and cost $120 for 20 meals, or $200 for 40 meals. Deliveries happen through LA county on Sundays. Sign up online. For each subscription sold, the company donates a portion to Isabelo, a charitable organization that feeds underprivileged kids in South Africa.