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Pre-Natal Food Delivery

Paleta launches a pregnancy meal program

Paleta is now delivering meals specifically designed for expecting and new mothers all over LA. Chef Kelly Boyer customizes food for each trimester of pregnancy to help with morning sickness and boost energy; she also makes sure dishes are free of no-nos like high-mercury fish and unpasteurized cheeses. Ingredients are sustainable and sourced locally whenever possible. Clients can choose from three different full-day plans: Healthy Mommy is ideal for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; Fit Mommy is for new moms trying to get back into shape; and Power Mommy is good for super-active moms (or moms who are breastfeeding twins—yikes). There’s also a more flexible “Perfect Plate” plan that allows clients to pick and choose which meals and snacks they want, as long as they hit the $38 daily minimum. Meal packages range in price from $38 to $78 per day, with no tax or tipping required.