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Pillow Talk

Intentions Linens aims to help tired parents sleep

The whole thing about new parents being sleep deprived is such a cliché—because it’s true. And half the time it’s not even crying babies that keep us awake, but rather parental anxiety and mental to-do lists. That’s why Intentions Linens caught our interest. The new line of Egyptian cotton sheets are woven with white-on-white words such as Breathe, Calm, and Soothe to subtly remind you to relax and breathe more mindfully as you crawl into bed. The idea seems a bit gimmicky, to be sure, but we dig it—plus from afar, the white-on-white weave looks like a chic fabric design. The idea came to founder Armella Stepan (a former hotelier who ran Shutters on the Beach, among other luxury properties) during a hospital stay, when the colorful scrubs of a pediatric ward nurse caught her eye and lifted her spirits with their positive images and words. And yes, crib sheets are in the works, too. Sheet and duvet sets start at $455.