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Oh, Behave.

Seedlings Group lands in LA

We count on the child development experts and psychologists at Seedlings Group for advice on everything from sleep schedules to potty training. Lucky for LA moms, they’ve just started offering private consultations and workshops in Los Angeles.

So what, exactly, can they help you with? Basically anything relating to the social, emotional, behavioral, or brain development of your baby or toddler. They specialize in arming new parents with manageable solutions for night wakings, biting—even pushy grandparents.

Most of their private sessions (at home, in the office, on the phone, or via Skype) are two hours long, and fall under the discussion topics listed on their website.  But customized workshops are possible, too. At the very least, check out their handy tip sheets on potty training, separation anxiety, tantrums and more.

And the best part about Seedlings Group is they don’t align themselves with any particular philosophy or parenting style, but rather focus on clearly and patiently explaining the most legit research on child development with the goal of helping parents make decisions for themselves.

Seedlings Group