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New Arrivals at the Zoo

The Los Angeles and San Diego zoos welcome spring babies

Kids generally enjoy the zoo, no matter what. But throw in a baby animal or two, and it’s a sure thing. This spring, the Los Angeles Zoo has welcomed a koala joey, a baby chimpanzee, and baby orangutang, Elka, who was named after Betty White’s Hot in Cleveland character. And if you’re up for the two-hour schlep south, the San Diego Zoo is now home to three baby Amur leopards (there are fewer than 40 of these amazing cats left in the wild), plus baby hippo Adahma, who, though a big boy, looks tiny next to his mama. The San Diego’s Safari Park is also celebrating the birth of a sturdy baby rhino named Charlees, and four adorable red river hog piglets. Go soon, because as we all know, they grow up way too fast.