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New Advice For The Sleep Deprived

Dr. Harvey Karp has a new sleep book

Babies need sleep. So do their parents. Which is why we were beyond thrilled to hear that LA-based author Dr. Harvey Karp, the genius behind The Happiest Baby on the Block, has a new book dedicated exclusively to sleep. The book, which comes out on June 12, is called The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, and like the others, comes with a how-to DVD and white noise track, which plays a rough and rumbly sound that Dr. Karp says should be played as loud as a shower and should be started 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime or naptime. Karp conquers issues like co-sleeping (which he says is fine as long as you are okay with it), early rising (for which he provides a solution called “twinkle interruptus” to ensure an extra hour or two of sleep) and nighttime waking (which he says is normal; we all wake up at night, the question is how we deal with it). Here’s to hoping it works.

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep
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