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Mommy-And-Me Baking

smallSHOP Art School launches in-home organic baking classes

smallSHOP Art School owner Sage Raval is bringing her artsy inclinations into the kitchen (your kitchen, that is) with custom Mommy-and-Me Organic Baking classes. Here’s how it works: a smallSHOP artist shows up at your house with pre-made organic cookie dough, rolling pins, cookie cutters, baking sheets, and icing bags, ready to work with a small group of toddlers (four is an ideal number). Raval and her team can suggest toddler-friendly shapes and motifs based on the children’s interests. Once the cookies are cut and in the oven, it’s time for a story or a brief art project. Next, each child chooses an organic fruit or vegetable-based food dye (carrot orange, blueberry blue, beet magenta) to mix with frosting for decorating the cookies. And then comes the best part: smallSHOP washes up and leaves your kitchen looking cleaner than it was before class began. An hour-long session for four toddlers starts at $150.

smallSHOP Art School
310.815.1669; smallshopathome.com