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Milking It

A new hybrid bottle for plastic-weary moms

Glass bottles have been poised to make a comeback ever since BPA starting grabbing headlines. But many parents are still terrified of the whole putting-glass-in-a-baby’s-hands thing. So one Los Angeles mom—and commercial airline pilot—has set out to bridge the gap. The hybrid design of the new 5Phases baby bottle offers the best of both worlds: it features a non-toxic plastic exterior, and removable glass inserts that can double as storage containers for pumped milk or formula. Founder Christine Barlow was inspired to create 5Phases when her own baby was diagnosed with a birth defect she concluded to be caused by environmental toxins.

The bottles ($19.99 each) are available at Green Cradle in Sherman Oaks (13344 Ventura Blvd.; 818.728.4305) and online at 5phases.com. A portion of proceeds is donated to Operation Smile, an organization providing free exams and reconstructive surgery for children with facial deformities.