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LA’s Top Baby Gurus

Who to call when the going gets rough

Not everything comes intuitively to first-time moms (or second- or third-time moms, for that matter). So we’ve put together a list of LA’s most respected gurus for all things baby.  

Here’s who to see if you need help with . . .

. . . registering: Ellie Miller and Melissa Gould of The Baby Planners, will walk you through the aisles and help you choose bottles, swaddle blankets, a crib mattress—you name it.  They’ll also plan your shower (if you wish), and answer your questions about car seats, nursery accessories, and everything in between.

. . . infant massage: Shayna Reid will massage your baby—or teach you how to do it yourself—in a way that helps with colic, feeding, sucking, and sleep issues.

. . . back pain: Chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin, specializes in prenatal and postnatal back issues.

. . . your emotions: Therapist Dr. Pamela Varady, works one-on-one with new and expectant moms to overcome any feelings of anxiety or depression associated with motherhood.

. . . your baby’s overall well-being: Local pediatricians Dr. JJ Levenstein and Dr. Dianne Truong at MD Moms are known for staying up-to-the-minute on health news and research;  they’re also the creators of Baby Silk, a fantastic skincare line for babies.

. . . behavioral issues: As developmental experts, Dr. Aliza Pressman and Dr. Bronwyn Charlton at Seedlings Group champion the idea of positive discipline when toddlers begin to exercise their, um, independence.

. . . sleep training: Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack from Sleepy Planet will observe your baby’s sleep patterns, devise a family plan, and make themselves available for middle-of-the-night support.

. . . getting into a childbirth state of mind: Yoga Booty Babies at Swerve focuses on breathing, core strengthening, and calming techniques to prep expectant moms for delivery.

. . . breastfeeding:
As a lactation consultant at the Pump Station, Wendy Haldeman works one-on-one to help nursing mothers with milk production, latching, pumping, and chaffing;  alternatively, Linda Hanna (a.k.a. My Nursing Coach) will come to your house in a fully loaded breastfeeding van to help you in any way she can.

. . . getting the hang of the R.I.E approach:  Liz Memel (805.646.0441, lmemek@roadrunner.com) conducts infant mommy-and-me classes based on the R.I.E. method, known for facilitating confidence and independence in babies.

. . . green living: A consultation with Anna Getty will put you on the path toward living a greener existence with kids underfoot.