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It’s A . . . Giraffe!

The Los Angeles Zoo’s newest arrivals

Toddlers are almost always game for a visit to the zoo, but now is the time to go. It’s baby animal season at the Los Angeles Zoo. Sofie the giraffe calf (born April 22) is the most exciting newbie, but there are a slew of others worth a gawk: five baby Peninsular pronghorn fawns (they sort of resemble small deer), a Sichuan takin kid (like a goat-antelope hybrid), lemur, black duiker (small antelope), and gerenuk (also from the antelope family) are all out of the nursery and scattered across the grounds. You'll need to bring a stroller—or rent one ($7 for a single, $11 for a double)—to see them all. Little ones under 2 get in free; kids 2 to 12 pay $12 each; adults pay $17. Zoo hours are 10am to 5pm daily, but ticket sales stop at 4pm.

Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park
5333 Zoo Dr., at the junction of Frwys 5 and 134
323.644.5200; lazoo.org