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Isn’t It Splendid?

Navigating the Splendid Ella Moss Warehouse Sale

Sample sales can be a drag. Or, they can totally rock—if you know what you’re doing. So before you schlep all the way downtown to the Splendid Ella Moss Warehouse Sale (this Friday and Saturday), keep these insider tips in mind.

Expect to see spring and summer apparel from Splendid, Ella Moss, Splendid Mills, Splendid Girl, Ella Moss Girl, Little Ella, and Splendid Littles; dresses start at $15, leggings/bottoms at $5—an improvement over previous sales, where everything was priced at $15. Also, merchandise will range in size from infant to teens, unlike years past when most samples were limited to toddler sizes.

Get there early: doors open at 9, but the line starts forming at 7. Keep checking back. If the racks look empty, rest assured there’s more to come; organizers promise to replenish the supply throughout the day. Bring your own shopping bag—a big one (no carts, please). Stop at the ATM. The cash line moves faster. Don’t fret if you can’t make it; there’s another sale in November.

Splendid Ella Moss Warehouse Sale
September 9-10, 9am-4pm
Cooper Building, 11th Floor
860 S. Los Angeles St., Downtown LA