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How to Make an All-Natural Easter Basket

Where to find healthy basket goodies in LA

Cellophane grass and Peeps don’t go over the way they used to. We’ve searched all over town to find the healthiest, most eco-friendly, and of course the cutest fillers for a modern tot’s Easter Basket.

Start with the beautiful, biodegradable twig baskets ($10) at Zookies, which come with recycled crinkled-paper fluff. Line it with an emerald or mint-hued playsilk ($14.50 at Sarah’s Playsilks); and add a sustainably sourced hardwood egg rattle by Little Alouette ($20 at The Little Seed); a floppy-eared, carrot-hugging organic plush Picnic Pal bunny ($33 at Bel Bambini); and giggle’s organic cotton striped blanket bunny friend ($18, at giggle). Ditch the plastic disposable eggs and instead order a dozen of Green Planet Parties’ reusable felt Easter eggs, and round it all out with Yummy Earth’s new all-natural, sour jelly beans, $5.99/10 packs (available at A Mother’s Haven in Encino, and at Whole Foods); and chick- and bunny-shaped vegan cake pops ($3.50 each at Sweet E’s bake shop.