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Good Advice

A lovely way to teach your daughter everything you know

As a contributing editor for DailyCandy Kids and half the force behind DIY hotspot, Prudent Baby, Jaime Morrison Curtis spends a lot of time doling out advice to moms. In 2010 she published an inspiring book of mini life-lessons for mothers to pass on to their daughters. And now, the LA native has blessed the mom community with My Prudent Advice, a brilliant keepsake journal through which mothers can convey to daughters their thoughts and lessons-learned on different areas of life—friendship, politics, fashion. Each section offers some fill in the blanks, some thought starters and prompts, and some open-ended space for sharing perspective. There’s also some—yep, you guessed it—prudent advice interspersed throughout.

“One of the sections that means a lot to me—On Pain— sounds rather depressing up front,” says Curtis. “But I like this section because it asks the mother to reflect on the various times in her life she has felt physical or emotional pain. It acknowledges that we, as moms, can’t save our daughters from experiencing pain, but that we can help them cope with it, if only by sharing with them what we learned from our most difficult experiences.” Amen.