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Easier Bottle Prepping

The latest high-tech baby gadget

Whipping up a bottle in the middle of night can be a real pain in the %#&. So while it's not totally necessary, we think the new Tender Touch Baby Formula Maker is genius. Westwood mom and electronic engineer Michelle Kang worked with Piena Inc. engineers to develop the sleek, BPA-free appliance, which dispenses, blends, and warms baby’s bottle in about 90 seconds (kinda like a one-touch coffee maker). It dispenses a pre-measured amount of powder with each bottle; you can store up to 24 ounces in the detachable container for up to four weeks. And yes, it’s height-adjustable to fit all bottle sizes and brands. The maker is also hygienic—it boils water to nearly 212˚F and then cools it to near body temperature. The contraption has dishwasher-safe parts and the inside can be cleaned with any coffee maker cleaner (and should be cleaned once a month). The Tender Touch Baby Formula Maker costs $149.99 and will be available at mypiena.com on October 17, and at BuyBuyBaby in November.