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Cool Tunes

A birthday party band with street cred

There’s something about a former Ray Charles backup singer with a box drum and a bag of props that seems way cooler than the usual birthday party gigs. Birdie’s Playhouse was started by singer-songwriter (and, yes, former Ray Charles backup singer) Birdie Mendoza, who will come to your house (or any venue, really) and perform kid-friendly tunes set to Latin and jazz beats. Mendoza’s interactive performances (geared toward children ages 1-5) feature puppets who introduce each song’s theme and encourage the kids to move like the animals in the songs. There’s a monkey who chants, a fiddler crab who raps, and a wombat who scats. Streamers, shakers, and tambourines round out the good times. Prices start at $199 for a 30-minute show.
Birdies Playhouse
310.570.8663; birdiesplayhouse.com