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Cool Mom Q&A: Tiffani Thiessen

PetitNest founder, White Collar star, and toddler mom

—Photo of Tiffani and Harper by Blue Lily Photography

It’s hard not to adore Tiffani Thiessen. And not just because we all grew up envying her adorableness on Saved by the Bell and 90210. But also because she co-created one of the most gorgeous lines of nursery furniture we’ve ever seen (PetitNest), and because she rocks the smart, successful, mid-30s role of Elizabeth Burke on White Collar, whose season premiere aired this week on USA. We caught up with Tiffani about parenting, nursery décor, and the differences between being a mom in LA and New York.  

StrollerTraffic: You’ve been in New York filming since March. What do you miss most about LA?
Tiffani Thiessen: Our house and our dogs (who stayed in LA because, well, they’re not city dogs). It’s hard to choose one, so it has to be both.

ST: What do you think Harper misses the most?
TT: Harper is such an outdoor kid, so I would say her yard. She would sleep there if she could.

ST: Sounds like you need a tent. Angelinos and New Yorkers love to butt heads over which city is better. You’ve spent time in both. What’s your take, especially with regard to raising kids?
TT: They both have qualities that make raising kids wonderful. Los Angeles has great weather, so it allows you to be outside with your kids all year. But then New York has outstanding museums—what’s better than exposing your child to such amazing art and culture?

ST: We hear you. Let’s just hope LA’s cultural offerings continue to get better and better. In the meantime, we love what you and Lonni Paul have done with PetitNest. Anything new coming down the pipeline?
TT: There are so many exciting things coming this fall and winter. Let’s just say that PetitNest will be getting into other product areas as well. I promise StrollerTraffic will be among the first to know.

ST. Well, thank you. We can’t wait to spill the beans to our readers. Clearly, you get all of your nursery stuff through PetitNest, but where else do you like to shop for your daughter?
TT: My parents raised us on a modest income so I got hooked on places like Target at an early age. We shop a ton at Buy Buy Baby, giggle, and Gap Kids. I"m also obsessed with Gilt—I’ve even got the app on my iPhone.

ST: Oh, yes. Gilt can be so addicting. What about resources? Any parenting gurus you swear by?
TT: Well, my mother and my sister-in-law, for sure. We’re also very close to our pediatrician, Dr. JJ Levenstein, and are very sad she’s retiring. Jennifer Waldburger at Sleepy Planet helped us through sleep issues. I owe Jen so much. She was a godsend.

ST: So, what’s the first thing you and Harper will do together when you head back to LA after wrapping?
TT: Swing on our backyard swing set and take a dip in our pool!
ST: Sounds good to us!