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Clothes Call

Wardrobe assistance for new moms

The idea of a personal shopper always seems a bit superfluous to us. As in, Really? You can’t figure out how to shop for yourself? But then again, so many of us go through major (and frustrating) wardrobe shifts postpartum. For that, we like the idea of getting a little guidance from a former Joie and Splendid designer. Robin Saperstein, founder of High Heel in a Haystack, will arrive at your door and examine your existing wardrobe, determine your best style based on your (perhaps slightly altered) body type, and separate your clothes into three piles—“keep,” “toss,” and “try-on to decide.” After, you can pay $375 for three hours of guided shopping to fill the gaps. Or forego the fee and just have Saperstein customize a short “Where to Buy” shopping list of the things you need. Either way, she’ll take snap shots of every outfit she puts together from your closet to create a personal “look book” so you never again have to say you have nothing to wear.