littlefox delivers eco-chic goodies for babies

We know, we know. Enough with the monthly subscription services already. But we just have to tell you about one more: littlefox.

Kidspace creates a winter wonderland for tots

We love LA through and through, but this time of year we can’t help but covet crackling fires, hot cocoa, and of course that powdery white stuff.

Pop-Up Pantry delivers gourmet meals

Fine dining becomes something of a Holy Grail once there’s a baby at home. To support the quest, Pop-Up Pantry delivers three-course dinners directly to your home.

Mommy-And-Me Yoga kicks off at A Magic Forest

Yoga for the diaper set has certainly caught on. The latest offering comes from A Magic Forest play space, where yoga instructor Melissa Bechtel is putting a Waldorf-inspired spin on sun salutations . . . .…

A ghost-proof guide to celebrating with wee ones

Dressing up a baby for Halloween is ridiculous amounts of fun. But other than the cute costume, most elements of the spooky, sugar-filled holiday are totally inappropriate for babies and toddlers. Here, a f…

Toluca Lake Farmers Market family-friendly makeover

Los Angeles has no shortage of excellent farmers’ markets, but few entertain the kids while you sort through squash and persimmons. That’s why we kinda sat up and took notice when we heard Toluca Lake’s rev…

Parent-and-me dance classes for tiny tots

A trained dancer, former ballet teacher and mother of one, Karen Hayes opened Twinkle Toes Dance Company in Highland Park last spring because she didn’t feel other studios were striking the right balance be…

Half Baked Co. opens its first storefront in Burbank

We always do a little happy dance when our kids are invited to birthday parties featuring treats from Half Baked Co. So you can imagine the full-on celebration we had over the weekend when the health-minded…

Zookies launches drop-in art sessions

When Zookies opened last year, we welcomed it as a brick-and-mortar version of Etsy. As it turns out, the Toluca Lake store has a lot more to offer than cute baby gifts.

Wake up with the Waves entertains tots at the Pier

It’s not as though fresh-air fun is hard to find in LA, but we love the idea of Wake up with the Waves, a series of free outdoor concerts for kids ages 1-8, held at the Santa Monica Pier every Saturday morn…

Dylan’s Candy Bar Sweetens LA

We know, we know. Sugar is a bad idea for kids. But we can’t help being excited about Dylan’s Candy Bar, which opens its first-ever west coast store this week.

Sweet Crush Ice Bar opens in Brentwood

Like Bank of America and Starbucks, frozen yogurt shops have become a corner store staple. So we were excited to discover that the newest sweet shop on the block, Sweet Crush Ice Bar, is offering something …

Zooga opens in Culver City

Kids’ yoga classes are sprouting up all over town, but we’re especially excited about Zooga, a new studio designed just for wee ones.

DIY pottery for tots

Somehow we missed the opening of A World of Color, but at least we discovered the new paint-your-own ceramics haven in time for the beastly hot, killin’ time days between summer camp and school.

PetitNest founder, White Collar star, and toddler mom

It’s hard not to adore Tiffani Thiessen. And not just because we all grew up envying her adorableness on Saved by the Bell and 90210.