M.A.K.E. Out opens in Santa Monica
As far as we're concerned, there can never be too many juice bars. M.A.K.E. Out is the latest. Located on the third floor of the Santa Monica Place mall, the month-old juice and small bites spot is run by raw-food … Con…
Spring openings at the Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum has been hosting its seasonal butterfly pavilion for more than a dozen years, but we never get tired of those exquisite creatures. This year's exhibit, which opened over the weekend, is heavy …
Wolfum introduces play tents with style

LA mom and Wolfum owner Annabel Inganni was an apparel and accessories designer for almost a decade before she launched her home goods company in 2010.

Make Meaning opens in Thousand Oaks

Everything you need for seven different crafts—and no cleanup? Sounds good to us.

smallSHOP Art School launches in-home organic baking classes

smallSHOP Art School owner Sage Raval is bringing her artsy inclinations into the kitchen (your kitchen, that is) with custom Mommy-and-Me Organic Baking classes.

100 reasons to raise kids in Los Angeles

To celebrate the 100th issue of StrollerTraffic LA (today!) we’ve rounded up 100 of our favorite reasons to raise a family in Los Angeles—starting with . . . can you guess?.

littlefox delivers eco-chic goodies for babies

We know, we know. Enough with the monthly subscription services already. But we just have to tell you about one more: littlefox.

Kidspace creates a winter wonderland for tots

We love LA through and through, but this time of year we can’t help but covet crackling fires, hot cocoa, and of course that powdery white stuff.

Pop-Up Pantry delivers gourmet meals

Fine dining becomes something of a Holy Grail once there’s a baby at home. To support the quest, Pop-Up Pantry delivers three-course dinners directly to your home.

Mommy-And-Me Yoga kicks off at A Magic Forest

Yoga for the diaper set has certainly caught on. The latest offering comes from A Magic Forest play space, where yoga instructor Melissa Bechtel is putting a Waldorf-inspired spin on sun salutations . . . .…